Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Genre: Role-playing / Japan (jRPG)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: Koei Limited
Official site: Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Wandering circus

All our life resembles an endless billiard party, in which God plays a couple of Fate. Table enormous balloon - unthinkable number. Do during the next life may be commonplace, and charming, and then silk - and the head befalls wave of change. Good or not - is as lucky. In doing so under the label struck celestial cues come not only to ordinary mortals, but bust.

Prince Laharl, the only son and heir of a legitimate world potentates Pirates demons, for two years in the dream lethargy. Recovered, after a long hibernate, he found that the father died, and fighting for the throne once close to the King vassals. In the absence of a single ruler, vvergnutaya into internecine warfare land to the brink of chaos. Unwilling to tolerate the prevailing situation, Laharl decides to return the throne, it rightfully belongs.

But cheerfully walk

A further history is just two "highlights": a healthy sense of humor and lack of formulaic characters. Heroes mercilessly ridicule pathos and high-speech, which is usually full of full-in movies, serials and animated games of the era swords and magic. As for the actors, some of them are even Laharl - particularly the blood royal, noble and fearless warrior - does not fit into the generally accepted framework.

He has a unique, but very serious flaw - it is a perfect dummy, is not friendly with the logic and forgets all in the form of maidens with appetizing forms. Escorted him no less colorful personality: perky and mercenary named poddannaya Etna, whose dramatic speech, as a rule, end in failure, and kind, too charming, in its stupidity Flonn angel. Overall, not custodians of justice, a wandering circus.

Checkerboard Party

Like any typical representative of the genre of Japanese role-playing games, in Disgaea constantly alternate two stages - preparations and fighting. Before each battle command can be changed, dokupat weapons, artifacts and equipment. Self tour of the towns and forests and toured neighborhoods - none of this here and not in pomine. You battle with the enemy soldiers, see the movie storyline, and then returning to the castle, shop and visit a hospital, and then choose an accessible location for a visit and once again jump into a fight. In the absence of an interesting storyline and tactical kinda boring part of such a scheme would have an hour.

At the same time, participate in the battle to twelve characters. Moving them like chess pieces, you can play some tricks unimaginable number of combinations. At certain moments, even wakes unhealthy sense of excitement when you start to rotate in the head with dozens of options, pridumyvaya to bypass or Lure the enemy in his trap. In addition to the usual methods of attacking, fighters can hold entire ligament attacks, the effectiveness of which depends on the skills and abilities of Trust. In such situations, a lot depends on "prokachki", which limit simply does not exist - just to have time and desire.

Paradise for corruption

Especially heavily from the standard set of characteristic of the genre cliches knocked only one thing only - the so-called Dark Assembly, which represents a sort of parliament, which decides on matters of interest to you. You can submit for the consideration of an application for an increase in the range of shops, obtaining the right to visit certain places or rentals fighters. In considering the petition, the Assembly rarely converge in a single opinion. Those who are too active ranges, or adversely sensitive to your request, will induce the support of bribes. As they dropped any object with useful properties affecting favor demons.

Such trifles not only emit studio Nippon Ichi creature in the crowd of similar products, but also offer an infinite number of ways to win. Enumerate nuances can be very long, but it does not change the fact - remain qualitative role Disgaea game has an interesting battle system and the almost endless tactical opportunities. And some monotony and однообразность action in it more than offset funny story and witty dialogue, podstegivayuschimi to further passage.

* sparkling humor;
* bright and saturated design;
* deep and interesting fighting system.

* overvalued complexity of the game in the later stages;
* camera is not always convenient.

Visually the game resembles Japanese anime cartoon style: colorful lupoglazye residents Pirates peace, vivid scenery and funny creatures. The only drawback - and several bednovatye empty scenery of the battle fields.

The excellent soundtrack and sound effects enliven many narration. In this game starts to resemble the cartoon is currently.

Even during fight and complex tactical combinations do not have to go the extra buttons. A convenient Implemented menu that specifically meant for people who are just familiar with role-playing games.

On the one hand Afternoon of Darkness, a typical representative of the genre, the cords filled battles. On the other - there is the mass of small things, making it a unique product. Same use geosimvolov affecting the characteristics of their fallen fighters, offers unlimited opportunities to build part of the battle tactics.

The overall impression
Most Disgaea allocated by the colourful characters from the distant history of platitudes and interesting game mechanics. However, people familiar with the little Japanese role-playing games could alienate monotony "prokachki" characters. And without this project to go before the end of the project does not succeed.